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What is included in my party pack?

Our products have been designed to be purchased in packs and include decorations, tableware, DIY cakes, DIY cupcakes, invitations, and lollies. We also have edible cake and cupcake toppers available. You can tailor make a party pack or choose one we have designed. We have developed three types of packs to cater to your needs - Starter Pack (including themed decorations and colour coordinated tableware), Celebration Pack (including the Starter Pack plus invitations and a DIY cake pack), and Ultimate Party Pack (including the Celebration Pack plus lollies and DIY cupcake pack). Each pack has been designed around a particular theme and has everything you will need to host your amazing party.  Depending on how many people you are hosting will depend on how many of each items you will be sent. You can choose a pack for 10 guests, 15 guests, 20 guests or 30 guests.

What isn't included in the pack that I will need for my party?

In order to make the cake and cupcakes, you will need to add water and eggs...that's it! Oh and some scissors & a knife would also be helpful.

What are 5 centimetre character confetti?

To add a bit of finesse to your party, we have included some large confetti like discs that can be used to decorate your party.  You might like to scatter them on your party table, or put them in your loot bags, or stick them on drink bottles or on a high chair...let your creativity flow on how they will look best within your party.

Do you have lollies available to buy?

We have a selection of lollies that come as part of the Ultimate Party Pack. Each lolly has been colour coordinate to match your party theme. We pre-select lollies and the lollies offered can change. If you have any special requests, let us know, otherwise we will send you some lollies that we think would look great with your party theme.


What do I need to bake the cake and cupcakes?

All you need to add is eggs and water.  Most cakes have templates that require cutting out, so scissors and a knife are also useful.

What do I bake the cake and cupcakes in?

You will be given a non-stick, oven-proof disposable cake pan and disposable cupcake pans (and cases) so you can bake your cake and cupcakes.  You don't need to grease them and they are completely oven proof.  Once you have baked, you throw the pans away - no dreaded washing up to do!  We have provided some baking paper with your pack - although this isn't necessary - we find it helps to remove the cake from the pan easily.

Can I bake my cake and cupcakes at the same time?

We recommend you bake your cake separately to your cupcakes.  Your cupcakes will only need 20-25 minutes cooking time and if you remove them whilst your cake is still cooking, it will sink in the middle.  

How long does it take to make the cake?

The cake will take around an hour to bake.  Your cake should be completely cooled before removing it from the cake pan.  Once completely cooled you can start decorating your cake.  Decorating your cake should take around 40-60 minutes depending on the cake.  However, times vary depending on your skill level, how meticulous you are, and whether you have any little helpers.  It is best to bake and decorate your cake the day before the party (if practical) so you don't feel rushed.   

How long does it take to make the cupcakes?

The cupcakes will take about 25 minutes to cook (note some ovens cook hotter than others).  You should wait until they are completely cool before decorating.  Decorating your cupcakes should take no more than 15-20 minutes.  As per the cake, this will depend on your skill level, how meticulous you are, and whether you have any helpers! If you are making edible cupcake toppers with fondant, you should add extra time.

How do I know when my cake is cooked?

Your cake is cooked if it springs back when lightly touched in the middle or when a skewer is placed gently into the centre of your cake and it comes out clean.

How early can I bake my cake/cupcakes before my party?

It can help alleviate stress by making the cake and/or cupcakes ahead of time so you aren't rushing on the day of the party.  You can cook the cake up to 2-3 days before the party.  You should keep it in an airtight container in a cool place.  


How early can I decorate my cake before my party?

We recommend you decorate your cake within 24 hours of your party.  We also suggest keeping your finished masterpiece in an airtight container in a cool place, not in the fridge.  The fridge can cause your fondant to crack and/or the colours to run due to condensation forming.

How early can I decorate my cupcakes before my party?

Just like the cake, you can decorate your cupcakes within 24 hours of your party.  Put the edible cake toppers onto the cake just before you serve them on the day of your party.


How early should I order my party pack before my party?

Ideally you will order your pack around 3-4 weeks before your party so you can have it delivered with loads of time before your party.  However, sometimes that just isn't practical, so as long as you factor in delivery times you could get your pack delivered just in time for your party!  If you need your pack urgently for your party, let us know via email and we will help you as best we can. 

We recommend you store it in a cool dry place until you are ready to start creating your various masterpieces.

How long can I keep my party pack before using it?

We recommend you use the cake and cupcake components within 4 weeks of delivery but you can keep it up to 2 months prior to your party.  There are various food items within the pack that will need to be preserved because they have a shelf life.    

How long will it take for my order to be processed?

We aim to process your order and have it dispatched within 2-3 working days from payment being received.  If your order is urgent, send us an email and we will try our best to fast track processing of your order.  We will send you an email once your party pack has been dispatched.

How long will it take for my party pack to arrive?

We offer standard postage for all party packs which means your package should be with you within 3-6 working days (depending on location within Australia) once processed.  The cost of standard postage is $9.95.  Note postage can be slower in peak times.  If you would like to get your package to you quicker, you can upgrade your postage to "premium" and for the cost of $14.95 we can pack and send your parcel as a priority and you should receive it within 1-3 working days.


Your party pack has been designed to help you organise a birthday experience your loved one will treasure forever.  Why not check out our blog for party planning checklists and tips and tricks to help make your party a success. We update our blog regularly.


Party Pax accepts no responsibility for health issues, illness or injuries sustained from its products, recommendations, or food issues owing to an individual’s misuse or food related allergies. Whilst the products are designed for adult use, if children are allowed to participate adult supervision is recommended at all times. All small parts should be kept away from children under 3 years old.