Hanging a Neon Sign

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Hanging a hired neon sign for an event?

Neon signs are a great way to add a vibrant and eye-catching element to any event. Whether you're hosting a party, a wedding, or a corporate event, a neon sign can instantly elevate the atmosphere and create a memorable experience for your guests. But how do you hang them without damaging walls or them falling over?

We help solve this issue by providing a wide range of options with our neon signs when you hire them.

Hanging Devices

PartyPax will provide you with a range of hanging devices such as:

Cable ties (black or clear)

Hanging Kit (wire or clear/nylon)

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Leather strap / Hooks

Wall neon hanging kit

Adhesive wall hook (upon request)

 Adhesive strips (upon request)


What to hang neon sign on?

Backdrop (without mesh)

  • Hanging kit (nylon) and tie it directly onto the frame
  • Leather straps / hooks and hanging kit (for a more customised height and look)

Backdrop (with mesh)

  • Cable ties (clear) for a white backdrop and black for a black backdrop.
  • Hooks from the leather straps intertwined in the mesh

Flower wall / decorative background

  • Hanging kit (dependent on material used)
  • Leather straps / hook on the top of the wall and use hanging kit (nylon) to hold the neon

Brick wall

  • Wall mount kit
  • Screw straight into mortar of brick wall

Plaster wall

  • Hanging kit and use the adhesive wall hook as the anchor
  • Adhesive strips (place a number of strips on the acrylic board to ensure it holds) 

Tree trunk / miscellaneous items

  • Use the hanging kit, can hook it around tree limb
  • Use backdrop and drill into the bark (please make sure the tree is big enough and older enough to handle it).

Don't have an appropriate spot?

Other options are:

Place it on a bench or chair with a back

Sitting the neon up on a bench seat with a back. This way the neon can rest in an upright position and guests can sit next to it for good photo opportunities. 

Against a wall

Prop it up against a wall, this will still provide a cool look, particularly if there is a hard floor like polished concrete or tile the light can bounce off. The photo opportunities might be a little more limited though.

Against a party related prop / item

Against the DJ table (if they're ok with it) or up against the bar or food cart etc.

Against a shelf or frame

Doesn't have to be an obvious spot, you can make it work by using a hanging kit to attached it to a book frame or shelf.

Against a natural element

A cool look can be up against a blue stone wall or large rock. Whatever works really, depending on the size of the neon, but the weight is normally anywhere from 3kg-6kg. 


Consider a custom table top neon (xo example) - this can go on any flat surface such as a table, bar top or shelf. 


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